Dear Fellows,

Due to the current situation it is difficult to have Face to Face meetings, so Fellows are getting together to create online meetings and continue to provide Recovery.

The Online Team is operational and this page is part of the support we are offering.

Meetings in Israel in Other Languages.

English Helpline: 055-9505956

  • Be sure to be in a place with good reception. And no background noise
  • Headphones are recommended to improve hearing and sound
  • Keep your microphone off when you are not using it to reduce noise
  • It is important to keep the anonymity of your friends and not bring in people or expose your screens to people who do not identify as addicts.
  • Enjoy the meeting

We have received many inquiries and questions regarding health issues following the Corona virus (COVID-19). While it is not our job to make statements about health problems, we encourage NA groups to discuss the situations we face, and the various options that can provide a safe environment for those attending meetings. Groups may consider asking members to temporarily discontinue some of the customary practices of NA such as hugs, handshakes or refreshments. It is also advisable to consider alternatives for grouping in circles as is customary at the end of the group.

Some groups discuss the possibility that they will not be able to meet face to face for a period of time; Solution ideas include groups on the phone or online. These are just a few suggestions; We respect each NA’s responsibility to discuss and decide what is best for their meeting.

We recommend that you consider contacting the authorities for specific guidance regarding meetings and gatherings. We are aware of the guidelines and recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and in countries outside the US there are agencies and authorities with a similar role. The World Health Organization can also be a source.