What are NA meetings?

NA meetings are intended only for addicts or those who think they might have a drug problem. These meetings provide an atmosphere in which addicts can feel confident that the the participants will be able to identify, therefore , new members may feel more comfortable at closed meetings . At the beginning of an NA meeting, the chair person reads a statement explaining why sometimes the meeting is closed to the public and offers those who are not addicts to go to open meetings. For a list of NA meetings, click

What is an “open meeting”?

An open meeting is indeed open to anyone who wants to participate. There are groups that have open meeting once a month, to allow friends and relatives of NA members to participate in the celebration of their clean time. Open meetings can, if they want have a format giving the option that non addict guests take part, limited to things related to the clean time celebrating addict. Such a format allows the meeting to focus on the recovery path of one addict sharing with another addict. It should be clarified during the meeting that groups do not accept monetary donations from a non-addict. List of NA groups open to the public, click here.